5 Places to Promote Your Brand

You’ve created a brand, an identity of what your company does and what separates it from your competition. This brand identity is conveyed through your logo design which becomes the face of your business. You’re all set, right?

Well, now you must make sure that your branding is consistent. Wherever people see your company name, they need to see the same company brand identity – the same logo, the same message. This consistency in brand promotion builds trust with customers that you are always who you’ve said you are. This trust turns into customer loyalty when they reach the point of sale.

This consistency in branding also prevents any confusion when customers are shopping in a market. When shopping or researching a service, especially online, we can come across a lot of different companies. We may like one but then later we can’t remember that company’s name. A day or so later we drive by a store or see a commercial truck with a vehicle wrap advertising the same service we shopped for online.

Is it the same company we saw online? How will we know without consistent branding?

If those advertising elements – from the website to the store signage to the vehicle wrap – all have the same brand identity, if people can quickly recognize a company just by seeing a logo from afar or the colors and theme of its marketing materials; then they’ll remember, and more often, choose that company. Consistent branding means that all signs point to you so that another company doesn’t get your business because the customer couldn’t remember who you were.

Where should your brand be found? Basically, on everything relating to your business that customers will see.

Five places your brand should be include:

On your email signature

How many people see your emails in a day? And what is the last thing they see in your emails? As an integral part of your digital branding, your signature block or tag can build your brand – if it’s consistent with your brand. Thus, the color scheme, logo, and layout of the email and signature should match your brand and website.

On your signage

Your offline or real-world brand needs to match your online and social media brand. Really, it’s one brand, one company, but at times businesses can begin to create two separate identities if they don’t have a branding strategy. They may have had their signage way before their website. But the sign in front of your building is one of the major things that will position your company and create a familiar, memorable brand.

So, this must be consistent with branding on all of your marketing materials in order to be effective.

On your promo materials

Every piece of print collateral you use to correspond with customers, in sales meetings, or displays must showcase your brand identity in a clear and consistent way.  Whether brochures, letterhead, direct mail, vehicle wraps, rack cards, banners, or presentation folders, all of your marketing and sales materials must help to build your brand by sending one message to clients and confirming your brand personality.

On your social media

Inbound marketing using social media is one of the fast-growing sales techniques today. Brands can stand out using social media to better interact with customers and showcase their brand persona. But the impression your company makes on social media needs to be the same image your brand is portraying. All of your social media must display your brand identity and tell the same story.

You may want to enlist the help of a digital creative agency to help create a marketing plan for this purpose.

On your packaging

Brand promotion has to reach beyond the point of sale. Ensuring that your brand is identifiable on all of your product package (and really everything you hand out to customers) will help to build customer loyalty, brand recognition, and trust. Having your brand identity on every piece of packaging materials creates familiarity that will help you to gain repeat customers who are proud to use your brand.


5 Important Phone Numbers That You Should Save When Traveling Abroad

Although you are traveling to places that provide WiFi network to play with the computer or smart phone, but it will save more time if you have first to enter some important phone into your mobile phone. Remember time is money and it’s all about preparation for relaxing a holiday and calm the mind. Here are 5 phone numbers you should stored on mobile phones:

1. Flight

No one thought of the problem is cancelled or delayed flights and were forced to stay at the airport. Before leaving the house is worth if you enter a flight connection-free number to check whether your flight is delayed or cancelled.

2. Local Taxi

Maybe these numbers are useless when you arrive at the airport, because usually the airport already provides special airport taxi. But it would not hurt if you keep this number before leaving the house or at least keep this number when you arrive at your local airport.

3. Hotel

It would be nice if you already know the address of where to stay, but the taxi driver may not know the address, it would be good for you if you can call the hotel and ask directions to get there. After arriving at the hotel, be sure to save room in your phone number.

4. Bank services

It would be very useful, if you lose your wallet and must immediately report the blocking of all bank cards you have. And this will be very useful even if you’re not on vacation.

5. Embassy or Consulate

When leaving the country,it is important to know where would you go if there are major problems such as lost or stolen passports. Add the number of local embassy or consulate in your phone, not to regret later.